2024 Lakeside External Delegate Election

Voting:  Any resident may vote in the elections.

Candidacy:  Any resident may run for any office, subject to any constraints in the description of the position they are running for in Article III of the Committee Constitution. No resident may run for more than one office simultaneously.

Nominations for Candidacy:  All nominations should be directed to the Lakeside Committee (lakesidecomm@princeton.edu) and should be accompanied by a personal statement and (at your discretion) a photo to be posted online.


8th July: Nomination Ends and Candidates Announced

Thursday, July 25th at 4pm on Zoom:  Candidates are expected to attend the election meeting

Friday, July 12th – Wednesday, July 24th at 5pm: Online voting opens for residents. Residents can also vote at the election meeting.


Sophia Koval

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Koval and I’m a rising 4th year in molecular biology. I’ve lived in Lakeside for two years and have loved taking advantage of all that our neighborhood has to offer. When I host a barbeque in the patio area or spend time in my garden plot every summer, I really appreciate all the work that the Lakeside committee, facilities, and management do to make our neighborhood an enriching place to live during our graduate education. I would love to be a part of the Lakeside committee to help further cultivate our sense of community. As external relations chair, I would be responsible for relaying feedback from Lakeside residents to the necessary people – be that Lakeside management, the housing and transportation offices, or GSG. Transparent and persistent communication with residents and management will be my goal and priority. I look forward to advocating on the behalf of residents and making Lakeside an even better place to spend our graduate years. Thanks for reading!

Shashwat Kumar

Dear Lakeside Elections Committee/Residents,

I joined Princeton in 2021 as a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have had the pleasure of living in Lakeside for the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this vibrant community.

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the External Relations Delegate position. With a commitment to enhancing our community’s living experience, I am eager to build on the excellent work done by my predecessor.

The role involves several key responsibilities, including participating in monthly town halls for open communication and addressing any concerns you may have. Additionally, I will be part of a delegation meeting with Princeton Housing several times each semester to discuss critical housing-related issues. I also look forward to attending monthly GSG meetings to represent our community’s interests effectively. Furthermore, I am happy to participate in the annual “safety walk” with public safety to identify and address lighting and safety issues around Lakeside, ensuring a secure environment for all residents.

Beyond these responsibilities, I am dedicated to following up on resident feedback and implementing initiatives to benefit our community. One such initiative I plan to continue is the “Greening Move Out” program, which promotes sustainable practices during move-out periods in collaboration with GSG.

I bring to this position valuable experience from my role as Treasurer at the Graduate College Housing Committee, where I have gained extensive experience in housing committee operations and have developed a strong understanding of our community’s needs. My background ensures that I am well-prepared to advocate for and implement beneficial changes for our residents effectively.

I am passionate about making a positive impact and fostering a vibrant, safe, and sustainable living environment for all of us. I look forward to your support and the opportunity to serve as External Relations Delegate.

I appreciate your consideration.

Shashwat Kumar

Yiying Tan

Hi, my name is Yiying Tan, and I’m a rising fourth-year graduate student in Economics. I’m running for the role of external relations delegate on the Lakeside committee. 

If elected, my top priorities would be the following: 

1. Improve package delivery issues: many of us have at one point in living in Lakeside experienced package mis-delivery/ losing our packages, only for them to turn up a few months later. I am motivated to work with the existing committee and residents to find and implement solutions which can further alleviate the package delivery issue. Some potential solutions: 

Dedicating a small corner in apartment buildings for misdelivered packages residents have identified (making it easier to re-sort and find). 

Making reporting of lost packages easier: adding a field in the existing permanent Lakeside feedback form for misdelivered packages. 

Soliciting feedback on residents for any ideas to improve your experience. 

2. Continue the good work Sophia has done with Greening Move Out

3. Regularly meet with Transportation and Parking Services, as well as Housing and Safety to transmit resident feedback (via the permanent feedback form, town halls, email or Slack) in a timely manner and arrive at effective solutions.

I have previously served as the Post-Generals representative in the Economics department. In that role, I was involved in soliciting feedback and comments about the student experience, and communicating this feedback constructively as part of a team to faculty and staff. I believe my experience fielding students’ concerns effectively will serve me well in the external relations delegate role, which involves bringing together and accommodating the needs and limitations of various stakeholders. Having spent the past 2 years as a Lakeside resident, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would like to make it even better for residents here.