Lakeside Apartments Committee

Chair: Will Smith

I am a sixth-year Ph.D. student in the Politics department, a resident of Lakeside since August 2015, and the current Lakeside Committee chair. I have served on the Lakeside Committee for three years, one as chair and two as vice chair. I hope to continue using my experience representing residents and graduate students, familiarity with University administration, and my understanding of the Committee to help advance the aims of Lakeside residents as chair for the coming term. 

I am pleased with the successes of last year’s Committee and I hope to further improve the experiences of Lakeside residents in the coming year. In my work with the Transportation Advisory Committee, I successfully petitioned for the preservation and extension of regular bus service to campus and the institution of nightly on-demand bus service to facilitate travel on and near campus. I have also successfully petitioned ACC to offer improved amenities for residents, such as a bike pump and increased shelving in mail rooms. I am pleased with other improvements to Lakeside made possible through work of previous Committees, such as improved social media offerings, continued composting service, and the implementation of EduRoam for Lakeside. 

In the coming term, I will use my communication with ACC and University administration to continue to improve the lives of Lakeside residents. Working with Facilities, I plan to address trash collection disruptions brought about by staffing cuts due to COVID. I will also work with Facilities to improve the accessibility of the meadow area near Lakeside to provide more spaces where residents can interact with others in socially-distanced settings. Along with the Graduate School, ACC, and other members of the Committee, I plan to evaluate and explore possible options for socially-distanced events to help expand the sense of community within Lakeside. Working with Parking and Transportation and ACC, I will pursue short- and long-term expansions of covered bike parking in Lakeside. Working with ACC and the Graduate School, I will continue to work toward improving package delivery at Lakeside. I also plan to encourage resident input so the Committee can work to addresses issues brought forward by residents like you. 

Beyond my experience in Lakeside, I have represented graduate students in my department since my first year, serving on the Politics Graduate Program Student Committee and as the Politics representative for GSG. Additionally, I am a member of University committees whose policies affect the lives of graduate students and their families, serving on the Graduate Housing Advisory Board and the Transportation Advisory Council. 

I am pleased to endorse, and be endorsed by, Jessica Wilson, the current Garden Coordinator, with whom I worked on the Committee for a year and who is running for re-election

Please feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in hearing more about my plans for the coming year or have any questions. Thank you for your time!