Lakeside Apartments Committee

Garden Coordinator: Midori Kawaue

“A Garden that Connects”

My name is Midori. I’m a G3 in the History of Science department and running to be your Garden Coordinator.  

I aspire to create a garden that connects Lakeside residents to others, to nature, and to themselves. COVID-19 worsened the issue of isolation in graduate school and there is great importance in fostering the Lakeside community via gardening. As a student who has struggled with physical and mental health issues, gardening has alleviated some of the symptoms. Hence, I am committed to providing the Lakeside community members with a creative outlet to manage stress and a place where people could safely socialize in person.  

To achieve these goals, I propose the following initiatives for the Lakeside garden:

(1) Obtain funding to update the Lakeside garden infrastructure. Currently, groundhogs and birds eat the crops of the garden. I propose to purchase scarecrows, garden spinners, and gnomes that will not only prevent crops from being attacked but also make the garden a homier space.

(2) Increase the number of plots in the garden. Given the popularity, not everyone has access to the garden. I will revaluate how plots have been distributed in the past and come up with a more effective way to accommodate everyone who wants a plot.

(3) Organize recurring meditation sessions and mindfulness walks in the Lakeside garden. Group activities in nature can reduce stress and increase happiness. Observing the diverse smells, sounds, or textures of the garden could help you feel more connected with people, yourself, and the universe.

(4) Organize an end of summer community garden cookout at the Lakeside BBQ patio. In doing so, I will obtain budget from the American Campus Communities and the Graduate Student Government.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to serving the community!