Lakeside Apartments Committee

Secretary: Sara Sussman

Hi! My name is Sara and I’m a Physics G3 who is running to be your Secretary.

As Lakeside Secretary, I will dedicate myself to making sure your concerns are heard and comprehensively resolved. You need only email and I will respond to you with a concrete plan to resolve your concerns within 24 hours, guaranteed. I also would especially encourage you to communicate any and all concerns related to living at Lakeside during the COVID pandemic. The pandemic has brought with it many challenging and dynamic problems related to physical health, travel, academic obligations/restrictions, and social responsibilities. And I am very aware that all of these problems affect different people in different ways. Throughout 2020-2021 your safety and well-being will be my priority.

I am a hands-on problem solver who has worked to improve student opportunity and quality of life at Princeton across the dimensions of improving physical safety, building a more inclusive community, and designing high quality educational experiences. These experiences have prepared me to be an effective Secretary.

⦁ During my time as a cleanroom TA for Princeton’s intensive undergraduate semiconductor fabrication labs I have taken many actions to improve the safety and communication in Princeton’s MNFL student cleanroom. This includes improving the acid safety education for undergraduates by writing four new supplementary manuals that were clearer and easier for students to follow. I also carefully documented potential health hazard areas that had been overlooked and presented my findings to MNFL staff, and we worked together to resolve these.

⦁ I’m one of the organizers of Women in Physics at Princeton and have two years of experience coordinating and communicating across the physics department to get people engaged and motivated to build a more inclusive community. I revitalized a regular speaker series and organized Princeton Physics’s first department-wide Ally Workshop. I regularly collaborate with Princeton’s Access, Diversity and Inclusion team and with Dean Sarah Jane Leslie’s office.

⦁ As the lab instructor for Princeton’s Freshman Scholar Initiative Foundations of Engineering course, I redesigned and led a summer electronics lab for 20 incoming freshmen from under-resourced backgrounds to introduce them to coding, circuit board assembly and mechanics. This involved writing extensive documentation for new lab procedures. It was my top priority to make sure the students enjoyed the experience while efficiently gaining all resources they needed to succeed as engineering students at Princeton.

Thanks for reading! Do email me at if you have any feedback or if there’s anything you’d like to see the Lakeside Secretary take on in the 2020-2021 year.