Lakeside Apartments Committee

Social Chair: Lindsay Willmore

I’m Lindsay Willmore, a 4th year PhD candidate in neuroscience and proud resident of Lakeside for going on 3 years. I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of this community and would be honored to give back as an elected member of the Lakeside committee.

I am running for Social Chair to keep spirits high and foster a sense of togetherness during these isolating times. Relevant experience I have includes being a member of the Neuroscience Institute’s retreat planning committee in 2019. In this role, I coordinated academic and social activities, including a well-received tie-dying session.

As Lakeside Social Chair, I will organize virtual social gatherings, advertise other University events potentially of interest to Lakeside residents, organize opportunities for households to socialize amongst themselves, and provide safe outdoor spaces for small and distanced gatherings. 

Virtual meetings via Zoom can be drab, so I will explore alternative venues such as virtual party spaces and expert-led tutorials (e.g. making crafts or cocktails).

Busy with coursework and research, residents within the same house may need an excuse to come together for fun. I will work with the treasurer to set aside funds for subsidized within-household outings such as apple picking or drive-in movie viewing. I will keep the diverse set of residents in mind and solicit feedback to make these activities as accessible and broadly enjoyable as possible.

Outdoor distanced social spaces are critical and with winter descending the garden will unfortunately soon lay fallow. To promote the continued use of outdoor space into the colder months, I hope to work together with other members of the Committee in their stated goals of constructing a fenced dog park (I have inquired with the town regarding this matter) and additional covered bicycle parking (or temporary displacement of abandoned bicycles). 

Additional projects I will propose include the construction of outdoor workout spaces (pull up bars, etc) and a replacement for the now defunct Zagster bike rental service. I invite any and all queries or suggestions regarding how to safely improve social life at Lakeside.