Lakeside Apartments Committee

Treasurer: Emily Cuddy

Hi! My name is Emily, I’m a sixth-year economics Ph.D. student, and whether you know it or not, I’ve actually already been serving as your treasurer—via both the Lakeside Committee and the Graduate Student Government—for over three years! Next year, I’m hoping to serve again as treasurer of Lakeside so that I can continue giving back directly to our community.

I’ve really flourished in the role of treasurer. As GSG treasurer, I was responsible for managing a $50,000 budget—funded by the $17.50 grad students pay annually in student fees—and for serving as chair of the Events Board. As Lakeside treasurer, I have been responsible for managing our $1,000 budget—funded by the Graduate School—and for running the weekly Honey Brook CSA program throughout the summer and, now, fall. 

Although the pandemic did limit what I hoped to achieve as treasurer over the past year, I am proud to have lobbied successfully the Lakeside administration and Graduate School to keep the CSA program running in a time where many other in-person programs were put on hold. With the assistance of Jessica Wilson and Maria Curria (this year’s CSA volunteer coordinators), we made the necessary modifications to the program—revamping the pick-up process and maintaining regular communication with CSA members—to make it a safe and successful endeavor: in fact, we had over 40 students participate this year!

If elected again, I want to (1) create a CSA listserv so that students who join the CSA are able to receive all relevant CSA communications immediately. This year, due to Honeybrook being overwhelmed by demand, we were not always given the most up-to-date list of enrolled students; therefore, we had to cross check our list with the names on the CSA boxes delivered each week to make sure that we did not miss any students. This was a time consuming task which would be rendered useless with a listserv, where students could opt-in once they joined the program (or, opt-out if they didn’t want to receive the weekly pick-up reminders); (2) collaborate with the new Lakeside garden coordinator on improving the garden dues collection and reimbursement process. Currently, we collect garden dues haphazardly because some students pay with cash, others by Venmo, and some by check, and we struggle with reimbursing students at the end of the season because many do not submit the necessary paperwork online. Streamlining this process will not only allow the garden coordinator to focus on the garden itself but also ensure that the garden finances are robust to student inattention; (3) investigate how we can stop the phenomena of misdelivered packages. More and more students have reported to the Committee that their packages (or food deliveries!) are being delivered to the wrong building. I want to figure out why this is happening and to put a stop to it.

We live a very idyllic lifestyle at Lakeside, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement: I hope that I can be a part of that.

Thanks for your consideration.

I endorse (and am endorsed by) Jessica Wilson, who I have enjoyed working alongside both on the Lakeside Committee and in the Lakeside garden.