Lakeside Apartments Committee

Garden Coordinator: Jessica Wilson

Dear Lakeside,

I have been gardening since before I could read.  For years I have been jumping out of bed in the morning to check on my plants – they usually surprise me with how much they have grown!  When research is slow, there is measurable growth in the garden.  Modern humans are quite alienated from the changing of the seasons, the production of food, and nature in general.  I believe that alienation only decreases well-being.  Lakeside gardeners, however, are a happier lot.  We mark the passage of time by sowing and harvesting new crops, have the satisfaction of feeding ourselves with vegetables that we grew from seed, and can walk to the garden to pick up fresh herbs to season a soup with a moment’s notice.

You can expect visionary, experienced leadership from me as the Garden Coordinator.  I will pilot winter cover crops to enhance soil fertility and expand the community herb garden with the addition of tarragon, chervil, lovage, salad burnet, Chinese chives, asparagus, and lavender.  I established a community herb garden with thyme, chives, oregano, parsley, sage, and rosemary two years ago.  The community herb garden is open to members of the garden.  I will also apply for funding for more garden infrastructure projects (i.e., additional raised beds to help with drainage, a deer-proof fence, and a sprinkler system), and work with previous garden coordinators Zoe Volenec and Kyle Oskvig to ensure a smooth leadership transition.

As a member of the Committee, you can expect impactful sustainability initiatives and steadfast leadership from me.  I will work with American Campus Communities and the Office of Sustainability to implement a Sustainable Lakeside Move-out Donation Pilot Program.  I am also working on a covered bike parking pilot program.  I endorse and am endorsed by Zoe Volenec (running for Vice Chair), and Will Smith (running for Chair).  I am MAE’s GSG Assembly Representative, a Transportation Advisory Board Member, and a member of Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars.