Treasurer: Amy Chan

Hello everyone! 

My name is Amy Chan, and I am a third-year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry. This is my second year as a Lakeside resident, and I am kindly asking for your consideration to be Treasurer of the Lakeside Committee. 

Per the Lakeside Committee Constitution, as Treasurer I will be responsible for the Committee’s finances, including but not limited to:

1.     keeping track of and the appropriate allocation of Committee funds,

2.     organizing and tracking receipts, 

3.     keeping accurate and updated permanent financial records,

4.     submitting and maintaining written financial reports to the Committee, such that all reports shall be available to all residents of Lakeside, and 

5.     coordinating with the Graduate School and Housing Office to maintain financial accounts.

While this may be my first year serving on the Lakeside Committee as your Treasurer, I have plenty of experience serving as Treasurer of numerous organizations, both as an undergraduate at Yale and now as a graduate student here at Princeton:

·       As Treasurer of Women in Chemistry at Yale, I successfully applied for grants to fund social events to help foster a positive and inclusive community for chemists, particularly those self-identifying as women and non-binary. 

·       As the current Treasurer of my laboratory research group here at Princeton for the past two years, I am well-versed in the logistical goings-on necessary to maintain the continued operation of a 40-person research group. As Treasurer, these responsibilities have included the appropriate allocation of funds to various research projects, organization of financial records and transactions, and coordination/collaboration with Princeton’s Finance and Treasury departments.

Goals for Fiscal Year 2022

As Treasurer, I will work closely with my fellow Committee members to foster an inclusive and supportive community amongst Lakeside residents. I will coordinate with the Social Chair to budget for events and ensure the appropriate allocation of funds to support events that connect Lakeside residents, including:

·       the annual Lakeside BBQ,

·       monthly book-club meetings, 

·       grad student and postdoc appreciation lunches, and 

·       Wine and Cheese.

I will tenaciously apply for additional funding to support events, if necessary, such that funding will not be the limiting factor in building a happy and healthy Lakeside community.

Furthermore, as your Treasurer, I will work hard to continue co-administering Lakeside’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program via robust recruitment efforts of volunteers from our residential community. 

My goal for this year is to be your advocate in bettering the quality of our lives as Lakeside residents via finances. Through my prior experiences, I have gained a good deal of experience working within the frameworks of university financial administrations, particularly at Princeton. I steadfastly believe that I am the best candidate to realize this goal and to build a happy and healthy community here at Lakeside. Whatever your concern or issue, you can always contact me at 

Thank you for your consideration!

Endorsed by Graduate Student Government (GSG) treasurer Michael Schwoerer.