Webmaster: Shaowei Zhu

My name is Shaowei Zhu, and I am a fourth year PhD candidate in the computer science department. I am running for the Webmaster of the Lakeside Committee to give back to the community and help foster a better online experience by maintaining and improving the Lakeside Apartments Committee website.

I believe my prior technical and non-technical experience would contribute to my success in this role. I have more than a year of work experience at major tech companies including Amazon, Google, and Facebook as a full-stack software engineer, an infrastructure engineer, and a researcher. My prior education and work experience not only helps define me as a well-rounded mind in all aspects of software development, but also makes me believe that technologies are the coolest when they serve their purposes to enhance people’s lives!

If elected, I would want to pursue the following goals during my term as the Webmaster.

  • First, I want to continue to make sure that the lakeside committee website is promptly updated with latest announcements (from the committee, lakeside management staff, and the graduate school) concerning lakeside residents and updates from the townhall meetings.
  • Second, I want to do a complete overhaul of the committee website’s look and feel, which includes but does not limited to: upgrade the website to use a modern web framework so that it will look better, be more responsive, and easier to maintain; make the content width adaptive according to screen sizes so that it would become easier to read on tablets and phone screens; have a better navigation bar so that it’s easier to find relevant information.

I look forward to working with other members of the lakeside committee to make sure that everyone in the lakeside community enjoys their time being here! Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me at shaoweiz@princeton.edu for any feedback, question, or suggestion!