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The purpose of the Lakeside Apartments Committee is to advocate on behalf of Lakeside residents to the broader Princeton community, to provide a forum for open discussion for residents on issues affecting our community, to plan and fund social events, and to help manage and administer shared community resources.  Please contact us at lakesidecomm@princeton.edu to get in touch.

All Lakeside residents are welcome at Committee meetings.

Future Lakeside Committee Meetings

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Fire Safety Advice

If you have a cooking mishap but it is safe (i.e. something was burning but no longer burning and there is smoke), do not open your hallway door. The smoke will go out and set off the hallway alarm, then the entire building will be evacuated. Instead, open your window so the smoke will go outside. Activation of the smoke detector in your unit will not set off the sprinkler system, so don’t worry about that: vent to the outdoors until your unit is clear.

ADDENDUM: please be safe and use common sense — if something is actually on fire, or there is some other acutely unsafe condition in your unit, don’t worry about ventilating until you have dealt with the safety risk (and if for any reason you cannot deal with the safety risk yourself, please evacuate and call 911.)

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