Maintenance, Emergencies, Utility Bills

To submit a maintenance request, please do one of the following:

  • Call the Main Office at 609-642-2861 during and after business hours
  • Coming to the Main Office in the Commons during business hours
  • Submitting a work request online at Lakeside Resident Portal
    • The username should be your Princeton email.
    • It might take a few minutes for the password reset email to be sent, also check the spam folder.

Checking account balance for utilities

Residents can now check their utility account history via the Lakeside Resident Portal as well. Let the Main Office know if you are not able to see your account history and balance.

In an Emergency (ie. flooding)

Lakeside Office: 609-642-2861

Public Safety Emergency line: 609-258-3333

Call 911 for Princeton Police and Fire emergencies

Regarding smoke detectors

Typically residents will experience three different types of alarms:

  • Replace Battery: this is a low volume single chirp approximately once per minute. This is not considered a maintenance emergency, but a notification that the battery backup is running low and needs to be replaced soon.  The smoke detector is hard-wired into the ceiling so it will continue to function properly.  For this alarm, please submit a service request and it will be addressed within 24-48 business hours.
  • Smoke Alarm: this is three loud beeps that is activated when smoke is detected.  If there is a fire, please exit the building immediately and then call Public Safety by dialing 911.
  • Unit Expiration Date: this is a chirp approximately five times per minute.  This is considered a maintenance emergency, please call the Main Office at 609-642-2861 to have it addressed.  Based on our supply at the time, you can expect one of two responses:
    1. If our current supply permits, we will assess and change all smoke detectors in your unit to avoid future end of life alarms in your unit.
    2. If we do not have enough supply at the time, we will change the smoke detector that is currently in alarm and the rest at a later date.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but due to shipping delays sometimes we are only able to address the smoke detectors that are in alarm at the time.

Smoke detectors should not be removed from the ceiling by residents under any circumstances.  If you experience any issues with your smoke detector, please submit a service request as soon as possible.