Receiving Packages and Mails

General tips

  • Please make sure your full unit address is listed and DO NOT put your mailbox # on your mail or packages, as this could be confusing to delivery personnel, since your mailbox number is different from your unit number.
  • For Amazon packages, you can leave special instructions to request Amazon delivery drivers to go to the Lakeside office during business hours for building keycards so they can deliver packages directly inside the buildings. Note that Amazon does not have dedicated delivery drivers and hires third-party delivery drivers, so they do not already have building keycards to make deliveries, unlike some other carriers.
  • Remember not to allow strangers into buildings or common spaces around Lakeside unless they have an official delivery badge/uniform or it is clear that they are delivering an item.
  • If you see packages outside your building door, feel free to move them inside the building, to lower the chances of package theft.
  • Please do not move someone else’s package if you think it is delivered to the wrong building, since not everyone’s mailboxes are located in their same building. Instead, please let lakeside staff know.

Package delivery locations

  • USPS will deliver packages to your mailbox or mailroom.
  • UPS, FedEX, Amazon, and 3rd party delivery companies will deliver to the mailroom or outside your building depending on whether you reside in an apartment or townhouse.
  • Your mailbox # is located on your key packet. The table shows the location of each mailbox.
Mailbox #Mailbox Location


200 Lakeside Road (elevator lobby)


151 Taylor Court (elevator lobby)


351 Lemonick Court (elevator lobby)


751 Hibben Magie Road (elevator lobby)


600 Hibben Magie Road (elevator lobby)
Mailbox numbers and their locations

High-value packages and important documents shipping

Shipping high-value packages to Frist

Lakeside residents can now have value packages deliver to package lockers in Frist, by emailing Aaron Skeld ( This process was set up via Housing and Mail Services, and these are guidelines for the process:

  1. Due to capacity constraints residents are requested to only use this service for high-value shipments. Residents will be assigned a temporary box # which will be good only for that single package and subject to change for any future shipments they might receive.
  2. To use this service, residents should email Aaron Sked ( prior to placing any orders.
  3. Aaron Sked will assign the correct box number/address which should be used for the ship to address and reply. 
  4. When the item is delivered, the recipient will receive an automated email instructing them to pick up the item at Frist Campus Center.
  5. Should residents have any subsequent orders, they will need to speak to Aaron again to get a new box assignment.
  6. Print and Mail services will monitor the volume of package delivery at Frist to ensure there is sufficient space for Frist to receive packages.

For further instructions and information, please refer to Print and Mail Services.

Shipping to the Lakeside office

To ensure correct delivery, you can also request signatures upon delivery, and Gloria Yuen and Anne Romeus are happy to accept valuable packages on behalf of residents, for later pickup. Note they are only in the office during business hours Monday-Friday, so let them know by email if you are having a package shipped to the office. 

For missing or mis-delivered mails

  • Before filing a missing package report, check all mailrooms in the following buildings: 200 Lakeside Road, 151 Taylor Court, 351 Lemonick Court, 751 Hibben Magie Road, and 600 Hibben Magie Road.
  • If you are unable to locate your package, you will need to file a claim with that company and Public Safety. Also, contact the company that you had bought the item from and see if they can send another if you are unable to locate it.
  • You can join the #package-lost-and-found channel on the GSG Global Slack to coordinate missing/misdelivered packages with other residents (thanks to Nick Kosan for organizing this). 

If you believe your USPS mail has been delivered to the wrong place or mailbox or see mail that is not yours in your mailbox, you can take the following steps:

  • Contact USPS directly at the Carnegie Center
  • Lakeside management is not allowed to touch residents’ mailboxes, but if you see the mailman, you might try to ask for help to check if a mail has been delivered to a wrong box
  • If you see mail that is not yours in your mailbox, it is recommended that you mark it with “return to sender” and put it in the outgoing mailbox