Lakeside Apartments FAQs?

ACC has a great FAQ section with most of the information you will require, please visit their website here.

Additional Info:

Q: How many people live at Lakeside?

A: There are 715 beds

Q: Is fishing permitted in the lake?

A: Yes, but you will have to obtain a permit.

Q: Is grilling permitted at Lakeside?

A: Residents can use the community grill at the Lakeside Commons, and are responsible for keeping the grill clean, link for instructions. Also, residents are permitted to use electric grills (but not gas or charcoal grills) 5 or more feet from units and away from flammable materials.

Q: Is grilling permitted by the lake?

A: Currently not, for safety reasons

Q: If my roommate has renter’s insurance, do I need renter’s insurance too?

A: Yes. If you live with roommates, every resident in an apartment needs to have their own policy in accordance with University policy.

Q: What happened to Butler yoga?

Butler yoga  has moved to the New GC Common room, find more information and enroll here.

Q: Is there a dog park at Lakeside?

No, Princeton municipality requires all pets to be kept on leashes.  https://www.princetonnj.gov/resources/dog-owners

Q: Are there free weights in the Lakeside Fitness Center?

No, there are no weights in the Fitness Center due to liability issues. You are allowed to bring your own weights to the Fitness Center.

Q: How should I bag my recycling and compost?

For your recycling please use no bags or transparant plastic waste bags. For the compost use only compostable bags or deposit the food waste directly in the green bins on the waste stations.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for?

Don’t hesitate to email us at lakesidecomm@princeton.edu