Parking at Lakeside Apartments

Parking in the Lakeside Apartments Garage

Parking for residents is available in the Lakeside Apartments Garage.  Please be mindful of the following points:

0.  DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAUTIOUSLY!  Members of the Committee have been struck by fellow residents’ cars in the garage, so we are certain that other members of our community have been hit by careless drivers also.  This should go without saying:  Driving quickly in the garage is not worth the risk of injury and/or damage to your neighbors’ cars.  Be careful.

1.  Permits must be displayed in all parked cars.  Failure to display a valid permit will result in a parking ticket from Transportation and Parking Services.  (Trust us on that!)  In order to obtain a permit, you must register your car with Transportation and Parking Services.

Note for new residents:  If you are already registered to park at another on-campus housing site (e.g., the Grad College, Lawrence Apartments, etc.), you do not need to apply for a new permit until they are issued in the fall.

2.  Overnight guest passes for visitors.   All visitors must display a guest pass in parked cars, which may be obtained from Transportation and Parking Services.

3.  Practice good citizenship.  Many of your neighbors are parents and children, for whom close access to the parking garage elevator makes a big difference.  If at all possible, please leave open spots near the garage elevator for family parking.


Other Notes

1.  Loading zones may be occupied for 15 minutes only.  Please do not park overnight in the 15-minute spots.

2.  Enterprise CarShare has several cars available for rent in the Lakeside Apartments Garage.