Lakeside residents can only keep dogs and cats as pets if they live in “pet friendly” units, which must be unfurnished ground-floor units with private access to the outside. While all residents must purchase renters’ insurance, pet owners must have $100,000 in personal liability coverage.

Lakeside Pet Agreement

Resident is responsible for all actions of the pet(s) and will abide by the following rules.

1. No pet may disturb the rights, comforts, or conveniences of other persons in or near the Premises.

2. When outside of the Apartment and/or the Building, any pet must be confined by leashes under Resident’s supervision at all times.

3. No pet may be tied to any fixed object on or in the Premises.

4. Resident must promptly remove any pet waste from the Premises including the yard.

5. Resident must immediately remove any pet offspring from the Premises.

6. Resident must comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances, restrictions, owners’ association rules, and other enforceable regulations regarding pets in effect or as amended.

7. Resident must keep rabies shot current.

8. Resident must abide by any amendment to these pet rules after Manager provides written notice of such amendment to Resident.

9. No aggressive breeds are allowed on the premises. This includes but is not limited to Pit Bulls, Chows, etc. Please note: residents who lived in Butler or Stanworth for the 2014-2015 year are exempted from this rule.

10. No more than two (2) pets are allowed per unit unless authorized in writing by Manager.