Akil Word-Daniels – External Relations Delegate Candidate


Hi Lakeside community, Akil here!  If you don’t know me personally, you’ve probably at least met or seen my dog, Zoey!  I love Lakeside and the community its creating, and I would like to use my experiences to help represent Lakeside Apartments.

Since I received an M. Eng. from here, I am considered a 4th year Electrical Engineering Ph.D student.  During my time here, I’ve worked directly with the administration, served on the GSG assembly, and served on university planning committees to represent various groups and vocalize issues they may have, such as 6th year funding for Humanities students.

Issues I’d like to approach this coming year include, the development of the waterfront and its existing picnic areas, adding lighting to the walkway from Faculty Rd. to the Taylor Ct. apartment building, adding a few weights to the exercise room, and adding a small dog park.  I consider myself to be a rational person, who when dealing with issues of concern to external bodies, I don’t just take “no” and “we can’t do that” without good, fact-based explanations.  If I get External Relations Delegate position, I will be responsive to Lakeside issues brought to my attention, and will make sure to keep Lakeside residents updated when discussing these issues with external bodies.

Even if I don’t get the position, if you see me walking around with Zoey, come up and pet her if you like or if you see me grilling specifically with a group of people in Commons, come say hi, cause I will probably have extra food.

See you around!

Akil Word-Daniels